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  1. Tojamuro says:
    Experience reports - LSD and Cannabis. Dosage: 2 tabs of LSD (~mics) and 4 bowls of Cannabis (~.8g) Report. Currently writing this at a 3/10 in terms of highness. Being stoned helps me reflect upon some things when trying to recollect memories.
  2. Kajigul says:
    Well, this can largely depend on your music taste. LSD is known, when talking about music, to heavily immerse you, essentially being able to make you ‘feel’ the sounds. Making whatever song you’re listening to about x better. So if you listen t.
  3. Faerisar says:
    Nov 28,  · The acid back then was always awesome. It was so cheap and readily available that you didn't have to be afraid to get bunk, mostly. Pretty much like you won't find mexibrick much if everyone is selling dank nugs for a few bucks.
  4. Kajar says:
    Aug 31,  · Im an Avid psychadelic user I use Acid at least 8 times a month but only started using it last year. Anyway enough said about that. I picked up a couple vials the other day which ran me about but I think its way worth it cuz the shits bomb, Ive come to music hall to see if anyone can reccomend me some really good full albums to listen to.
  5. Mikinos says:
    Listen to music from LSD. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from LSD.
  6. Kazragami says:
    By taking refuge in Him, I hope to strive to be like Him. I plan to continue using LSD as a sacrament to guide me on this path. Sometimes I feel like Christ came back to earth as LSD so that we could all have Christ consciousness. Whatever the case, thank you LSD.
  7. Shakagul says:
    As for just general recommendations: Helplessness Blues - Fleet foxes (I recommend trying to pay attention to the lyrics. There's some pretty complex topics they tackle on this album) Turn on the bright lights - interpol Another one - Mac demarco (very chill, nothing crazy that'll melt your mind, but very easy to just mellow out to.
  8. Kazrazil says:
    Mar 15,  · i have sobbed many of time in the pure oneness of the light. it is beyond words. as far as the come up. many times i am fully tripping in ten minutes. its usually when i eat a bit though. four or five usually takes me at least 15 min before i can feel the beginning of it. maybe you just got a big dose.
  9. Kigashakar says:
    "Jesus, Etc." is the fifth track on the album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, immediately after the song "War on War," which is the only released single from the album to pimowasbayticta.oglagaresursaddchatgoldmassoalalnea.infoinfois-based Wilco was originally the band Uncle Tupelo, active from When songwriter Jay Farrar split from the band in , most of the remaining band members reformed into Wilco.

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